If you want to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the FORCE methodology and how it is applied, FORCE certifications are a great way to do so. All of our certification tests embody the principles of Professional FORCE Master while providing a way for you to assess your current abilities and identify areas for improvement. FORCE has certifications covering topics that range from the fundamentals of FORCE, implementing FORCE, and topics beyond the FORCE framework - practices that complement Professional FORCE Master.

FORCE certifications are highly respected because they are based on the Professional FORCE Master Competencies and not based simply on attendance. The test truly validates your knowledge. You must receive a score 85% or higher on the test in order to pass and receive the certification.

Executive Data Strategist I

Learn more about this certification on the training page.

Other certifications

We are working on the executive certifications II and III, and the technical certifications I, II and III.

Certification Authority

Only authorized partners are allowed to certify you.

Check our list of certified partners here for more information.