Before starting your journey with FORCE, you’ll have to understand that FORCE is not an implementation plan.

Five timeless concepts

FORCE defines the five timeless concepts that make a successful data strategy implementation.

If FORCE was a book about electric motors, it would not focus on the latest technology developments in the area. It would not have diagrams and plans on how to build the latest Tesla motor in your garage. Instead, it would focus on the fundamental laws of magnetism, electricity and circuits. If you understand these, you will know how to build a basic motor by yourself while also understanding how even the most advanced engines work.

The book defines five different concepts:

These are timeless concepts that will function as the building blocks for a successful data strategy.

Theory and Implementation

How you implement those concepts, however, is not timeless.

For example, the concept of a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) can be implemented in different ways. In the past, some businesses had a paper “master book”, this evolved later to be a database, and more recently we’ve been seeing implementations of things such as data lakes, data warehouses, or data meshes with the same purpose. Those are just ways to reach that same goal. Different designs following the laws defined by the same timeless concept.

However, I want this book to be also practical, and for that reason, I’ve added Part II and Part III. If Part I explains FORCE as the building blocks, Part II and Part III describe some of the most successful designs at this moment to implement them.

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