This is a short version of the FORCE Data Strategy Checklist that should give a global idea of how the organization is doing in terms of harnessing the power of their data.

Assessing how the company is in terms of data can be overwhelming, and that’s why we go through the Foundation, Observation, Resilience, Competence, and Expansion modules one by one.

Don’t get fooled by it’s size, this assessment, if done right, can take quite sometime to do and will give you a clear idea of where you are and show you where you’re lacking.



In this module, we’ll assess how prepared your company is in establishing a solid foundation for your data strategy, focusing on aligning goals, leveraging technology, and maintaining comprehensive documentation

  • Our data strategy clearly aligns with the broader business objectives.
  • Objectives are measurable (KPIs/OKRs)
  • Initiatives are well defined
  • We have the list of technologies used
  • We checked each of those technologies
  • We regularly review and update our technology stack to meet evolving data needs.
  • There is a repository of documentation
  • There is a SSOT (Single source of truth)
  • All team members have access to and understand the documentation and SSOT.


This module assesses your company’s capabilities in observing data flow, tracking metrics and KPIs, utilizing visualization tools, and establishing effective anomaly detection and alert systems.

  • There are organization wide dashboards
  • Different people in the organization have access to different dashboards
  • We have an alert system based on defined thresholds
  • We have systems in place capable of detecting anomalies through statistics
  • We have systems in place capable of detecting anomalies through machine learning or other AI techniques
  • We have an alert system based on detected anomalies
  • We regularly audit and update our dashboards for relevance and accuracy.
  • Our anomaly detection systems are tested and updated to adapt to new data patterns.
  • Feedback loops are established for continuous improvement of observation tools and processes.


In this module, we’ll evaluate your organization’s resilience, specifically its ability to build robust systems, implement privacy by design, and ensure cybersecurity measures are in place to withstand disruptions.

  • We conduct regular risk assessments to identify new vulnerabilities.
  • Our team is trained on data privacy and security best practices.
  • We have a clear protocol for responding to data breaches and system failures.
  • Our systems aren't fully dependent on third-party solutions.
  • We have identified all single points of failures.
  • We have eliminated single points of failures and replaced them with (#todo complete this)
  • Our backup and recovery protocols are established and regularly tested.
  • We implemented high availability strategies for all critical systems.
  • We use privacy by design where (#todo complete this)
  • A third party audits us regularly for compliance and regulations
  • Dependencies are carefully managed to minimize risks.


In this module, we’ll examine your organization’s competence in optimizing processes, embracing automation, and fostering continuous improvement to achieve operational excellence.

  • We are capable of identifying bottlenecks
  • We have identified most of our bottlenecks
  • Our processes are listed
  • We have our processes defined and documented
  • We have started to automate our processes
  • Our processes are automated (when possible)
  • People in our organization understand the terms related with data, and how automation and AI works
  • There is a structured program for upskilling employees in data-related competencies.
  • "We have clear metrics to measure the impact of process optimizations.
  • Our team regularly participates in cross-functional workshops to boost collaboration and innovation.


This module focuses on assessing your company’s preparedness for expansion, including its capacity for innovation, leveraging advanced analytics and AI/ML technologies, and identifying new growth opportunities.

  • We regularly analyze and adapt to market trends.
  • Innovative growth strategies are identified and implemented.
  • Advanced analytics and AI/ML technologies are leveraged for deeper insights.
  • We explore and execute data monetization opportunities.
  • We have a roadmap for integrating new technologies and analytics into our business model.
  • Strategies for ethical AI use are documented and implemented.
  • We actively pursue partnerships and collaborations to explore new markets and data monetization strategies.

Interactive Checklist Completeness

The following table shows you how you are doing in each of the FORCE modules.

It updates automatically as you toggle each checklist item on and off.